Sultana Residence

You are in a private house transformed into a residence in the middle of jasmine, bougainvillea, hibiscus, laurels. In the evening, the perfumes mingle and perfume the freshness of the nights of the South. The Moorish style with whitewashed walls, plump cupolas, mysterious moucharabiahs sift the radiance of a sun at the zenith, invites you in 4 suites, 3 duplexes and 12 rooms. Their interior decoration is thought to make you travel with comfort, with light and serenity. Each house has a private terrace where you can tan in privacy with the sea as the only horizon.
In the middle of the vegetation a swimming pool with its jaccuzi and very close to a hedge the beach with its private pontoon, place of tanning or reverie when the sun goes slowly to the west and the first stars take possession of the sky.
Then come have a drink at the bar and head to one of the two restaurants to sample local or international dishes with organic products from the garden.

The white walls respond shimmering velvety fabrics in yellow and orange color palettes. Armchairs and sofas invite you to relax. In the dining room the wrought iron breaks the severe monotony of the lines by its intertwined volutes.
On the floor of the region’s carpets muffle the footsteps, tense and studded leather boxes that in ancient times contained so many treasures.
Mtimet painter ethnologist tells his paintings of everyday life in Zarzis sudden wall mosaics lead us to the rooms with a great comfort provided: Tele, wifi, air conditioning.

It is a place where words only resonate to appease or instruct.

Our rooms

220€ / night
Sultana room
200€ / night
Selma room
280€ / night
Mahbouba room
220€ / night
Fatma room
80€ / night
Bnina room
280€ / night
Alia room