The hammam, also known as Turkish steam bath or Turkish bath, is the Middle Eastern variant of a steam bath. Although the first hammams originated in Arabia and the bathing culture was a central element of Roman life, Turkey popularized the tradition.

This tradition is today an integral part of the Tunisian culture thanks to the richness of its history and the growth of the civilizations of which it was for a long time subject of covetousness.

The ritual of the hammam is quite simple, but it involves several stages, all aimed at purifying the body of toxins and relaxing the mind.

The hammam will necessarily be a must for your holidays in our establishment.
As a general rule, the treatment lasts a given period, but visitors are free to settle in the cooling zones as long as they wish.

Before meeting with water, our staff will take you to a transition zone or intermediate room, where you will receive your towels and where you will have time to adapt to the heat.

From there, you enter the heated room that houses the big belly of the Hammam.
You will be able to relax around the hot water fountain and enjoy the immense humidity of this space dedicated to the pleasure of your senses.

Following this steam bath and now that you are ready to receive the care, the staff of the Residence Sultana will be delighted to take care of you and go to scrub, the main stage of the Hammam. On request, other treatments can be provided by our team who are there to ensure you spend a moment of pure relaxation away from the din and noise of everyday life.

In addition, the Hammam will allow your body to breathe and be ready for tanning and the joys of a life under the sun.