The best stays at the hotel give you the impression that you have escaped everything for a new way of life.

Forget the decor, the service and the restaurants: nothing gives the impression that a hotel looks more like an escape than a beautiful garden.

From vast landscapes to well-kept lawns, our garden is the true jewel of Residence Sultana. It’s a real breath of fresh air under the sun of Zarzis.

Oasis of calm and serenity, we advise our visitors to discover our garden through long walks in the late afternoon.

You can enjoy the freshness of the greenery that extends as far as the eye can see in the middle of the many buildings of our residence and let yourself be encircled by the floral scents that will take you to join unknown worlds.

The majestic height of the palm trees, heroes of the south, is there to accompany you all along the road by giving you an alternation between shade and light as you go around the property.

You can then finish your walk with a passage to the beach that borders the garden and where green and blue come together to become one.